Business Planning

Do you have a Business Plan or is your Company Adrift?

Businesses have business plans to communicate their story to potential investors or banks that they are seeking to borrow funds from for the purpose of start up, expansion or growth.  Here is why you do a business plan:

  • Managing the operation day to day
  • Borrowing funds
  • Taking on Investors

Not having a business plan is tantamount to driving a car by looking through the rear view mirror: You never know where you have been until you pass it and the probability of getting where you want is extremely low.

  • Business planning is flexible and ongoing
  • It should never be an arduous process

At R K Baulch and Associates, Inc, we can guide the small business owner through the very beneficial process of understanding where their business is headed and how it will get to its ultimate destination by coaching the owner through the planning and thought process to assure business success is not an accident but a series of contemplated programs and actions.

  • Keys Elements (Operational Plan)
  • Profit and Loss Statements and Balance sheets for three years, ideally
  • Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy
  • Assessment of Competition
  • Personnel and Succession Plan

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