Human Resources

Do you Treat ’em right?

People are the most important assets of any company.

Small businesses are generally more challenged with personnel issues than larger companies. They have fewer people in each function and are therefore challenged whenever critical staff is absent or unable to perform their jobs for whatever reason. Small business owners as a group are not particularly good people managers. Few small companies have defined job functions, goals or measurements of any kind.

Employee communications and recognition programs

Generally these do not exist and people are more frequently than not left to fend for themselves. Owners are perplexed by why they can’t generate the productivity from people that they believe they should have and yet little if anything is ever done to engender loyalty and commitment among workers.

R K Baulch and Associates, Inc. working side by side with the individual business owner can help address people related issues and engender the workforce to be more productive and committed.  A variety of tools exist to help the process:

  • Employee screening
  • Behavioral assessment
  • Employee satisfaction Surveys
  • Company management effectiveness