Managing Costs

Did you know that lack of cash flow will kill a business as fast a lack of profit?

Increasing profit is more than just increasing sales. It is also a function of cost management and reduction whenever possible. Overheads must be proportional to the size of the business overall Cost containment need not be a painful exercise.

Acting smartly in procurement of material and services can produce significant results. Putting material purchases routinely out to bid, can insure costs remain low without any compromise in quality.

Services are not exempt from cost review either. Routinely checking cost for payroll, insurances and other office services and communications is an effective way to shave costs from even the most necessary purchases.

R K Baulch and Associates, Inc. can easily provide business owners direction in assessment of procurement practices and help owners seek effective and sustainable cost reduction in their business operations.

Bob operates from Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts but with the help of the telephone and internet is able to provide support to clients throughout the United States, Canada and the World. Bob provides phone consultations regionally throughout Massachusetts, the South Shore, New England including but not limited to New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

“Bob supported the three best years of sales 2007-2009 in Cape Cup’s history.  I would recommend Bob, to any small business owner who is interested in improving their business effectiveness.”

– Elise and Bill Waldron – Owners
Cape Cup, LLC, Orleans, Ma.