Managing Operations

So, who is running the show anyway?

Day to day, managing operations requires small business owners to understand the need for delineating goals and objectives for workers to follow.

  • Establishing a¬† mission and a vision is critical to success
  • Open communication is the glue that holds the organization together
  • Small business owners frequently struggle with management¬† issues and require the support of a management professional to assist the owner
  • Work gets done in some cases despite structure and clear direction.

Acting as the business coach , Bob Baulch can quickly assist the owner objectively diagnose the management and organizational challenges that impede success and recommend appropriate actions to improve and correct the problems.


  • Better use of people and assets
  • Increased productivity
  • Clear, measurable goals and objectives
  • Increased sales and profits

Bob operates from Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts but with the help of the telephone and internet is able to provide support to clients throughout the United States, Canada and the World. Bob provides phone consultations regionally throughout Massachusetts, the South Shore, New England including but not limited to New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.