Sales and Marketing

It’s about making profits, Stupid!

Do you view everything your Company does as Marketing?
Do you have a Marketing Plan?
What is a customer worth?
What is your niche?

If you can’t answer these easily….You need help!

Managing sales growth is a challenge to many small businesses regardless of industry. Either sales growth is happening too rapidly taxing organizational resources or sales are flat or in decline.

  • Are you developing sales intelligently?
  • Which customers generate the most revenue/profit?
  • What makes you unique vs. the competition?
  • What about promotion?
  • Does the company have marketing plan?
  • Does the company  promote or is the firm relying of referral and word of mouth?

Bob Baulch, R K Baulch and Associates Inc. is a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and is uniquely qualified to bring the right direction to your sales and marketing issues. R K Baulch and Associates serves clients on Cape Cod, in South Eastern Massachusetts and the rest of the United States via telephone and internet.